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In 2008 Clive Hamilton was at Parliament house in Canberra when the Beijing Olympic torch relay passed through. He watched in bewilderment as a small pro-Tibet protest was overrun by thousands of angry Chinese students. Where did they come from? Why were they so aggressive? And what gave them the right to shut down others exercising their democratic right to protest ? The authorities did nothing, and what he saw stayed with him.

In 2016 it was revealed that wealthy Chinese businessmen linked to the Chinese Communist Party had become the largest donors to both major political parties. Hamilton realised something big was happening and decided to investigate the Chinese governments influence in Australia. What he found shocked him.

From politics to culture, real estate to agriculture, universities to unions and even our primary schools, he uncovered compelling evidence of the Chinese communist Party’s infiltration of Australia. Sophisticated influential operations target Australia’s elite, and parts of the largest Chinese-Australian diaspora have been mobilised to buy access to politicians, limit academic freedom, intimidate critics, collect information for Chinese intelligence agencies and protest in the streets against Australian government policy. It’s no exaggeration to say the Chinese Communist Party and Australian democracy are on a collision course. The Chinese Communist Party is determined to win, while Australia looks the other way.

Thoroughly researched and powerfully argued, Silent Invasion, is a sobering examination of the mounting threat to democratic freedoms Australia have for too long taken for granted. Yes China is important to our economic prosperity, but Hamilton asks, how much is our sovereignty as a nation worth?

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