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Marco Polo USA Map: the ideal map for your trip Let the Marco Polo USA Map guide you around this incredible country. Plan your great American road trip from New York to LA and everywhere in between with this highly durable overview map of the whole of the United States. It folds away easily and is always on standby to help when you're stuck.- Perfect overview map - the scale is 1: 4 000 000* ideal to help you plan your overall route and navigate the main highways by car or RV- Easy to use - the super clear mapping in strong colours and clear text will help you navigate the country- Includes 11 city maps - detailed street maps of key cities are included- USA highlights - major sights and key points of interest are marked on the map by numbered stars and these are listed in the index booklet with a brief description to help you pick the best places to see en route- Extensive index - the thorough index is fully cross-referenced to the map to help you pinpoint your destination quickly for the big trips and the little detours, trust Marco Polo's clear mapping and thorough index to guide you across the USA. *(1: 4 000 000 / 1cm=40km / 1inch=63 miles) Size 25 x 13 cm

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