Winben Water Drop Anti-Gravity Humidifier - Green (Min Order Qty 1)

Anti-gravity Technology The design inspiration comes from the law on water formation in nature. Through anti-gravity technology, the recirculation effect is realized by converting stream water into water droplets, and then separating them into mist and releasing them into the air. It provides a fun experience and adds an artistic feel to your desk. Dual Humidification Mode In the light mode, you can enjoy soft atmospheric light, enjoy the moisture, and watch the reverse flow of water drops. In sleep mode, it will turn off the lights, continue spraying moisture, and has the sound of gurgling water. Comfortably follows you in sleep and sleeps peacefully all night. 4H Power Failure Protection The humidifier switches off automatically after 4 hours of continuous use. Regular shutdown to protect the machine, safe, durable, and worry-free. Ultrasonic Mist With ultrasonic micro-porous atomization technology, it can provide fine mist, not easy to wet the table, and effectively alleviate the dry environment. 13 Hertz ultrasonic atomization makes it conducive to spreading the fragrance of essential oil full of the house. Charming Fragrance for Delicate life Use 3-5 drops of essential oil, the elegant fragrance will disperse with the mist, diffusing the air. One machine with dual use, both humidifier, and essential oil machine. Firm Sale

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